Non UK residence planning and guidance

At Tax Adept Accountants, we advise a number of overseas and non-resident clients on their tax and financial planning needs.

Our experienced team have worked with a variety of non-resident clients on a range of strategies to help minimise their tax liability, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

We specialise in tax rules affecting UK residency. We are well versed in the legislation and fully up to date with all relevant issues surrounding UK residency and in particular for "international transport workers".

Many of our existing clients are pilots or transport workers who were first clients in my mothers practice over 15 years ago. We act for many, non UK resident transport workers and we understand the practical issues you face in record keeping and proving ambiguous issues.

We have successfully organised tax refunds for non UK residents from a few hundred pounds to over £68,000 and collectivity helped our non UK resident clients save millions of pounds in UK tax

We offer a few different services for non UK resident taxpayers, from consultancy to create a detailed and tailored set of rules to assist with planning and navigating split year or preparation of a Tax Return to include residency elections and supplementary pages.

For expert advice that’s tailored to your individual needs, please contact our team.