About us

At Tax Adept Accountants, we decided to build our services around you rather than just your mandatory obligations.

Of course we understand that you might need to complete forms or tax returns and we hope it goes without saying that a good accountant should help you do that.

What we do though, is go beyond this. Beyond satisfying HMRC. Instead we are interested in what motivates you. We realise that people are not numbers, we are all unique, we behave differently in different contexts and we need advice that is tailored to our needs which might be very different to the next person. Whether you are planning to leave the UK to live overseas, considering your next business acquisition or wanting to retire, we can help you make better tax decisions that support you and your family in whatever venture is important to you.

We don’t just fill out mandatory forms to comply with rules. We also help with all sorts of extra services like family balance sheets, benchmarking against other businesses, creating or overhauling processes, business and exit planning, personal and business tax strategies to help you keep more of the money you earn.

Tax Adept Accountants is run by Fiona Gray with a team of 6 employees. Collectively we have over 107 years’ experience in accountancy. Fiona’s family background is taxation, her father was an Inspector of Taxes for many years and Fiona’s mother also worked with HMRC before starting her own accountancy practice. Fiona trained in several traditional accountancy practices before joining her mother’s practice and purchasing the business in 2011.

We know that the tax legislation is not always easy to understand, we can help to decipher the rules into plain English and offer practical guidance on how to satisfy rules relevant to you to put you in the best possible position. Our aim is always minimise tax or generate refunds, provide data and the guidance you need to help you make the best decisions. We are on hand to answer any troublesome queries our clients might have and with excellent local and national contacts we can often find solutions for all sorts of challenges.

We believe that an accountancy service should be a supportive relationship. We’d love to hear from you on how we can help you.

We offer a free consultation which gives us the opportunity to learn about your challenges and find what you are looking for. At the end of our consultation process we can provide you with a tailored quote on any services you might need and explain how you can appoint us if you’d like us to act for you.

If our services are of interest to you please contact us to arrange a consultation.