The 10 Question Sales Challenge

Here's a challenge for you: Would you rather be cold calling or getting more business from your current clients?

What if your clients were actually your best salespeople? How many of those do you have?

Let's look at your client base, the people who have bought from you, and then let's decide if they fit the bill.

These are clients who:

  1. have bought from you already
  2. will buy from you again and
  3. will recommend you to others.

Referring you to others will not come naturally to your clients. Why should they bother to help your business, after all?

Here are ten questions to ask yourself. Be honest with your answers and even score yourself out of ten on each.

  1. When clients buy from you, how do you make that memorable? (Score: )
  2. If someone has bought from you, do you think they made a wise decision? (Score: )
  3. Do your clients feel good when they buy from you? (How do you know?) (Score: )
  4. As they are paying for your goods or services, do you agree to talk with them again and is the date put in both diaries? (Score: )
  5. Do you even take their email or Facebook details? Well, they've walked through the door, so why not? Have you asked? (Score: )
  6. What lasting memory in just 4-5 words can you give them to remember you? (Score: )
  7. It can often take 10-16 'touches' before a client buys. How many times do you talk to yours before they buy or do you generally give up or lose touch? (Score: )
  8. So, how are you cultivating your clients? How are you listing their preferences and when did you last speak with them? (Score: )
  9. What did they say when you offered them more of the same, introduced them to something new, or asked them, 'do you know anyone else who may like this product?' (Score: )
  10. What prompting system do you have? A spreadsheet? Google calendar, M/S outlook? (Score: )

If you are scoring low on any of the above, it's not too late to put it right. Why not go through your client lists and ask yourself the questions above for each of them?

Finally, we recommend, never, EVER miss a sales opportunity from a client who has just bought from you.