So, who do you think you’re talking to………?

How many customers can you confidently say that you talk to regularly?

And how many former customers do you call as a matter of course say, each month?

You may need to build up your client base, so why not start talking to those who you've worked for before and then ASK them how things are for them. E.g.

  • 'I've just finished some work for X, is that something that may be useful for you?'
  • 'Do you know anyone who ….?'
  • 'Did you know that we…?'
  • 'I've just had a cracking testimonial from a client, can I mail it to you?'

Then listen hard to them. They may offer some interesting buying signals. But don't hard sell. People hate it.

If they have been pleased with your work, they ought to feel able to talk to others about you.

What a real shame if your clients tell you …”I didn't even know you did that kind of work!”

ACTION: Put a note in your diary every month to call all those clients on your list that you've worked with before, but haven't spoken to for a while. Don't sound desperate, but ask them perhaps if they know of anyone locally who could do with your kind of product or help. People are not naturally looking around for you every day, right? But, if prompted, it may register and, when the opportunity crops up, you may get a mention. (And it's cost you nothing other than a call.)

If you're not talking to previous clients, then you may have to start cold calling. Which would you prefer?

Cold calling is not that difficult but, most business people hate two things most of all: public speaking and cold calling.

We will be talking about cold calling in a future article. We'll also be talking about Pitch, and keeping in touch through email campaigns, too.