Do your current clients love you dearly, really?

Would you rather be cold calling or talking to your current clients?

Why are Customer Advocates useful to you?

How many advocates do you have?

Let's look at your client base, the people who have bought from you and then let's decide if they're Advocates.

Advocates are clients who:

  1. have bought from you already
  2. will buy from you again and
  3. they'll recommend you to others.

When clients buy from you, how do you make that memorable?

Do you agree to talk with them again?

It can take 10-18 'touches' before a client buys ... how many times do you talk to yours before they buy, or do you generally lose touch?

In a retail situation, do you even take their email or Facebook details? Well, they've walked through the door, so why not? Have you asked?

If someone has bought something from you, do you think they made a wise decision? And would they agree with you?

So, how are you cultivating your clients?