There are three ways to get to market: Market, Medium, Message

1: Market

What kind of customer is your 'classic customer'? It really helps if you can identify your 'Customer Avatar'.

If you could identify your perfect customer, who would that be? How old are they? Are they male or female? Where do they live or work? What are their buying habits? Here are just a few ideas as to one formula you may want to consider:

Business to Consumer:

Hairdressing salon: you could be looking for women, 25-70, married, social, living within 5 miles of the salon, regulars, willing to pay £x to look good every two weeks on a set day.

Driving instructor:17-28 yrs, single, male/female, paid for by parents or themselves, able to pay 80% in advance, within 10 minutes' drive from my home.

Roofing: Married men/women, 50+, own homes, 3+ bedrooms, typically in a rural area, or a quiet estate within 20 miles of Horsham.

Business to Business:

Printer: Principle contact(s): – Companies typically 5-25 staff, within a radius of 20 miles, business owners, male or female, 25- 55, in sales, marketing, operations.

Want 24 hr delivery from order and 30 days credit.

Automotive Parts: Managers/engineers/ mechanics, purchasing staff/ counter staff, 25-55 in garage/ repair shops, car dealers, within 30 miles of Burgess Hill, want expert knowledge of product range, manufacturer and universal parts, JIT /3 hour delivery, reliability, credit account.

Have you identified your Avatar? It will condition and model your advertising – style, reach/radius, and selection of medium – local directories, local press, direct mail, leaflet drops, facebook, twitter, google ads.

Then you can fish where the fish are.