Market, Medium, Message

2 - Medium

Let's face it, if there were one simple medium to use to advertise, everyone would be onto it, right?

Is advertising really dead? Unless you have a huge budget, there are so many ways to spend money on advertising your product. So which are the best?

Unless you are lucky enough not to need advertising, how will you get new clients?

It's tough and depends on your product and location and your customer is looking for, how, where and when.

There are ways to advertise 'free'. Cultivating your clients and asking them to endorse you, for a start. We'll be looking at cultivating your referrals later. If that's not enough, you will need to dig deeper.

Your website is only an endorsement that you're a real company; it's not an advertising tool. That is unless you're using it as a landing page for an offer. (More on landing pages later). Google doesn't like Squeeze Pages, by the way. Let me know if you need more on this.

Social Media is free in its organic form. Advertising in short blog format gets you nowhere; that's not why people go to social media. But paid ads on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Ads may be right for you and you can set a daily budget and the times of day/ days of the week to advertise. They can be localised to your target market and honed to age group, marital status, and preferences.

However, your search and content must be right or, like many others, you risk wasting 80% or more of your Google Ads spend.

Question to test your Google Ads knowledge – 'what's the difference between an exact match and a phrase match?' If you employ a Google ads person, and they cannot answer this question, either call me, sack him or her or both!

However, you may need to decide if you're going to advertise online or offline. Start with asking your customers where they found you and what they read. Are they using the internet regularly? Is that typical, do you think?

One thing is for sure; your product will not sell itself; there are too many others 'out there'. And you cannot remain the best-kept secret.

Before you commit your advertising money, talk to us.

Your medium may also be construed as who are you talking to … how is your CRM? Your customer base. More on that subject later.