14 Apr 2020

Two more time-saving ideas

To control your time, you must have a System.

07 Apr 2020

Make time your servant, not your master

We’ve given you ideas on time management before, but we’re still hearing from many of our clients that they really struggle to optimise their day and to get enough from it. You may agree that the more streamlined it is, the more time you can create quality thinking and marketing time to grow your business.

31 Mar 2020

So, who’s in charge of your business - the Technician or the Entrepreneur?

Let’s take a closer look at the person who goes into business. Not straight after she goes into business but before. Most people take their skill or hobby set with them into their new business. That’s the main driver. They certainly do not set up a business because they love handling receipts and paperwork, or they just love answering cold calls from sales people.

25 Mar 2020

Are you a slave to your habits?

How often do you get to the end of the day and feel that you’ve achieved nothing noteworthy?

17 Mar 2020

The 10 Question Sales Challenge

Here's a challenge for you: Would you rather be cold calling or getting more business from your current clients?

10 Mar 2020

Do your current clients love you dearly, really?

Would you rather be cold calling or talking to your current clients?

03 Mar 2020

So, who do you think you’re talking to………?

How many customers can you confidently say that you talk to regularly? And how many former customers do you call as a matter of course say, each month?