15 Oct 2019

Content, content, content?

We’re looking at several aspects of Content over the next few weeks.

08 Oct 2019

Networking: Be good on your feet

I’ve heard some hopeless excuses. “I haven’t got time for networking; I’m too busy.” Too busy to make new local contacts? Really? “But I’m not good at mornings” – Get good! Get up and go for a run, then you’ll be ready. “I don’t like cold, wet, winter mornings.” Brave the winter then look forward to the summer!

01 Oct 2019

Networking: You’re looking for leads

You often hear people saying, ‘I wish I could get more leads at networking events.’ So here are a few tips that will help you to succeed.

24 Sep 2019

Networking: How to work a room

To make networking events work for you, you do need to pre-plan the event.

17 Sep 2019

Networking – Should I or shouldn’t I?

A wise person knows everything. A shrewd person knows everyone. (Chinese proverb)

10 Sep 2019

LinkedIn – Introduce yourself - Get connected

Linking with others

03 Sep 2019

LinkedIn – a powerful tool

Following last week’s blog, don’t forget that LinkedIn (LI) is entirely editable.

27 Aug 2019

Introduction to Social Media

You know a product or service has real value when a big hitter buys it for billions.

20 Aug 2019

But, I’ve got to advertise or I won’t get noticed

When was the last time someone launched a new range of men’s’ suits? Or a nationwide chain of department stores? Or a successful new airline? One of the reasons it’s such a difficult task is that that we’re pretty satisfied as consumers.

13 Aug 2019

Connecting with your customers?

Deliberate and structured reading and research are always the best way but also listening to people who trigger ideas or inspire you will help enormously.

06 Aug 2019

Is your business model ready for change?

How are you moving your business towards consumer demand and to the way your customers want you to work?

30 Jul 2019

Your business as a product – how does it shape up?

We’ve looked at pricing in two different ways in previous blogs but when was the last time you gave your raw product, trade or service a health check? It’s easy to become blasé about what you do.