14 Jan 2020

The Grand Plan for 2020

Before Christmas, we looked at how 2019 has worked for you, or maybe not. With the answers you mustered from last week, let’s look at the PLAN for 2020.

17 Dec 2019

Was 2019 a storming success for you?

We have given you a weekly blog and email and we know how they have made a difference to most of you. However, the best judge of your business this year is ‘what’s worked and what’s failed?’

10 Dec 2019

Is my content readable? - 12 more essential pointers

Here are some more ideas to create the right impression and to test your content - not just emails but everything you write.

03 Dec 2019

Is my content readable? - Essential Pointers Part One

We all think we can write well, of course, but here are a few things to consider. There are several ways to find out if what you’ve written is readable, and if it stacks up. Why set yourself up to fail?

26 Nov 2019

Content – Your attention, please!

In last week’s blog, we looked at how vital are headlines. Here are more useful things to hugely improve your chances of success.

19 Nov 2019

Subject Headers: Your Star Performers

Journalists know well that there are several ways to grab the headlines. However, for your own content you, too, need to look at this.

12 Nov 2019

What EVER should I write about? - Start a swipe file

Writing is a mindset; you need momentum to hunt for ideas so get hungry for articles and material that will get a reaction. Remember, boring doesn’t stick.

05 Nov 2019

Content – Technique

There are so many who think they don’t have a story in them or that they cannot make it interesting. Let’s work on that because you can with the right techniques. If you’re not writing readable material consistently to your clients and prospects, then you’re missing a chance to talk to them and to keep their interest. There are several areas to consider to make this process work.

29 Oct 2019

Content – oi, mind your language

How would your audience react if you spoke to them in a foreign or weird language? The less bright Brits aboard just shout louder when they’re not understood, we’re told. But if your clients aren’t listening to you, there are reasons, and yelling louder won’t be the answer.

15 Oct 2019

Content, content, content?

We’re looking at several aspects of Content over the next few weeks.

08 Oct 2019

Networking: Be good on your feet

I’ve heard some hopeless excuses. “I haven’t got time for networking; I’m too busy.” Too busy to make new local contacts? Really? “But I’m not good at mornings” – Get good! Get up and go for a run, then you’ll be ready. “I don’t like cold, wet, winter mornings.” Brave the winter then look forward to the summer!

01 Oct 2019

Networking: You’re looking for leads

You often hear people saying, ‘I wish I could get more leads at networking events.’ So here are a few tips that will help you to succeed.